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Back Pain Relief

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There is nothing really wrong with you. Myth! Chronic pain sufferers report that doctors generally tell this to about 90 percent of them. And it is incorrect.


An accident or sudden injury occurred. Or maybe you have no idea what happened but suddenly woke up or started feeling pain.

Certain activities like lifting or twisting a certain way cause low back pain. Maybe your pain is ongoing or maybe it goes away but keeps coming back.

So you try some over-the-counter pain medication. Maybe apply a heating pad and bed rest. Your friends and family advise heat and/or cold packs. Since you’re not sure which to try, you try either or both.

Days pass. Maybe weeks. But nothing seems to do the trick. At least for long.

In the meantime, people seem to roll their eyes if you even mention that you still have pain in your back. “Aren’t you over that yet? Go see someone”, they suggest.



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